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Watts Up With That?

From ETH Zurich: Underestimated future climate change?

25.11.2013 | Fabio Bergamin

New model calculations by ETH researcher Thomas Frölicher show that global warming may continue after a stoppage of CO 2 emissions. We cannot rule out the possibility that climate change is even greater than previously thought, says the scientist.

Polar ice
A change in ocean heat uptake in polar regions has a larger effect on global atmospheric temperature than a change at low latitudes. A fact that has not been given enough consideration until now. (Photo: Courtesy of Eric Galbraith, McGill University)

Many scientists believe that global warming will come to an end if, some day, human succeeds in stopping the release of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. It would, indeed, be hotter on Earth than before industrialisation, but nonetheless it would not get even hotter. Climate physicist Thomas Frölicher questions this notion by using model calculations and creates a…

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